We’ve teamed up with our old friend, Jason Kordan or as many of you may know him as @bassjak_ on Instagram, to bring you our newest capsule, City Anglers Worldwide. Our day one fans may already know this. For those that are new to the brand, Jason was part of our first ever collection. We always saw him as an ambitious angler in the pursuit of chasing giants.

Our City Anglers Capsule is a nod to our first ever release back in 2014. Growing up fishing in Long Beach, we were always influenced by the city and all the obstacles that it contained. Lurking through the concrete jungle for an oasis wasn’t easy. "No Fishing" signs, barbed wire fences, and running from security was all part of the fun. It was like hide n’ go seek, but with actual consequences. These were just a few hurdles we had to go through, but this is what made us appreciate the sport even more. Within this saturated society, we find our peace of mind on the water. All you need is a rod in your hand, a handful of go-to lures, and your will to succeed.

This collection is for those that eat, breathe, and live fishing. We hope you enjoy our new capsule as well as these photos.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

- Derek Delgado, Founder

May 16, 2019 — Derek Delgado