The Meaning Behind Our Logo & Slogan
Although we mainly focus on design driven and story telling designs. Our logo and our slogan captures the meaning of who we are as a brand. The simplicity of our wave logo symbolize's the three waves in which momentum never stops moving. We are driven by the energy to keep moving forward and therefore we chase the horizon. Raised By Water, our slogan and a compliment to our logo, is a representation for those who were born and raised by water. It pays homage and respect to those that have it in them.


Humbled By Our Beginning, But We Are Still Growing. The photo above was taken in 2014. A time when the brand was taken a bit less seriously where we mainly focused on masterminding intricate forward designs for anglers to wear. We didn’t focus too much on the business side around this time as we were just super stoked to see people wearing our merch. They gave us the reason and kept us motivated to keep it going. Lateral Vision did not start with a loan nor come from a wealthy background. In fact, it was started with a few hundred dollars and a will to make this something huge. Every dollar we earned we placed right back into the brand and although this may sound cliché, we were the brand that started out of a small apartment and shipped packages out of the garage. Fast forward to today, it’s humbling to see how much we’ve been able to accomplish and grow. Thank you to all of our day one's and supporters. At the end of the day we are just two good friends that enjoy the great outdoors.

Thanks for reading!

Derek & Nick


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