10 Questions - Ryan Duffy - LV Photographer

Name: Ryan Duffy
Location: LV HQ
Years fishing: 30 min
  1. What has been going on the past month?

    Lots of shooting photos and lots of band practice. My band Here from the Start has some upcoming shows and prepping has kept me busy!

    You can check us out here

  2. Favorite LV item at the moment?

    War tern snapback........for sure! I wear mine everyday.

  3. Last fish caught and size?

    Have yet to catch a fish, but I did learn to cast the other day. I did backlash the crap out of Nicks real though.......

  4. Last road trip?

    I went to Sonora for a funeral, is that a road trip?

  5. Latest fishing / life purchase?

    Upgraded my bass gear (the instrument not the fish).

  6. Coffee, Energy Drinks, or I’m wired regardless?

    Coffee and Energy drinks always. Yerba mate bro.

  7. 1 item off the bucket list?

    For my band to be a headlining act and to watch every episode of Game of Thrones in one sitting.

  8. Last song played on any device?

    A Day to Remember - Monument

  9. Last movie seen? Any good?

    I saw Hellboy and it was badass. The critics hated it but what do they know!

  10. Must have LV product on a trip?

    Im wearing my War Tern shirt as we are doing this interview so any tee is a must and also any hat because my hair is always a mess.


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