The team arriving to the show. Ready to do the row crawl.
First stop at the saltwater tank with a quick lesson from our Head of Creative.
First stop at the Phenix Rods booth, makers of some quality sticks.
Derek bought 3 rods........
Next stop off at Fishermans Access to visit our good friend Seth Nighswonger of Trophy Bass Baits. @trophy_bass_baits
A quick stop to visit the Ryba family of Reebs Lures. Makers of some fine saltwater and freshwater swimbaits & Spinnerbaits. Check them out @reebslures
A few feet down the walkway was one of our favorite brands called Kicker Fishing. They make quality softbaits and Irons for various saltwater fish with a very creative selection of colors and sizes. Check them out at @kickerfishing -
Nick saying hello to Captain Justin Reynolds of Radio Silence Fishing Charters and Skylar Khach of Ritual Angling Rods. Justin runs a fantastic charter operation out of Huntington Beach and comes highly recommended for saltwater bass trips!
Check them out @radiosilencefishing and @ritualangling
Next stop at Performance Tackle, A local tackle store that has been around for a long time. Lots of great tackle and a super friendly staff, Check them out below!
Nick stopped to hand off some free merch to a few LV fans scoping out the show!
Another quick stop at Coolbaits Underspins to say hello to Shawn and Justin Cooley. They have a very successful underspin that comes highly recommended by our LV team. check them out at @coolbaitlures
Found our buddy Beau from Xtra Tuff Boots, Our entire team wears these boots and they are a must have. Find them at your local tackle shop ASAP for shore pounding missions! @xtratuffboots
Wish we had a chance to cover more of the show but duty called. We appreciate everyones support and looking forward to returning to the show in 2020!
April 16, 2019 — Catherine Combs